Progress Updates

Project Components 

(Lead Researcher: Tyler Winkelman)

Using administrative records on criminal justice and health and human service records, we created a dataset with two cohorts of adults on probation (all adults on supervision in 2014 and 2016).  We are using this administrative data to track the health and healthcare and service needs of adults on probation.

See our new paper using this data to estimate health conditions and racial disparities in health profiles in BMJ Open.

(Lead Researcher: Michelle Phelps)

The Adults on Probation study team of our collaborative completed interviews with 166 adults on probation in Hennepin County in 2019. The interviews cover a range of questions about participants’ lives, including health and healthcare access, experiences with supervision, employment, housing, and criminal justice contact. More information on the Adults on Probation study is available at Dr. Phelps' website.

In June 2021, we released the project report for this data collection effort: Mass Probation and Health: Supporting the Wellbeing of Adults on Probation. 

In September 2022, we published the first peer-reviewed article from these interviews: Strong-arm Sobriety: Addressing Precarity through Probation in Law & Social Inquiry. In October 2022, the second paper came out in Health & Justice. In 2023, we published Parents on Probation: Custody, Co-Residence, and Care of Minor Children during Community Supervision in Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

(Lead Researchers: Latasha Jennings and Rebecca Shlafer)

Our team interviewed 23 providers at community health centers in Hennepin County to understand how healthcare providers understand and respond to justice contact among their patients

(Lead Researcher: Kelly Lyn Mitchell)

Our team's researchers at the Robina Institute developed an online survey of probation officers, which seeks to understand how probation officers work to address the health and wellness needs of their clients. Data collection for the survey was completed in March of 2020. All responses were gathered prior to the state shutdown due to the pandemic. The report on this data collection will be posted in summer 2021. For more on the probation officers study, please visit the Robina Institute's website.

In June 2021, we released the project report for this data collection effort: Examining Probation Officer Views on the Links Between Probation and Health .